Friday, December 19, 2014

Chinese Zodiac in Good Health

minouetteGoodHealthmag_20141217_0001About a month ago, I was contacted about licensing my series of Chinese zodiac linocuts for publication in one, and the a second German language magazine. In the end, they only appeared in the second of the two: Good Health magazine. Despite the English title, the magazine, the magazine is all in German. It looks like an interesting mix: women's lifestyle mag, complete with health articles of a rather scientific bent, and other odd things, like well, a large Chinese zodiac spread. I love the illustrations where they've opted for art rather than photos. In addition to my linocuts, they've used the paper quilling anatomical illustrations of Sarah Yakawonis. They asked if they could add colour and they also have rearranged a few prints to suit their layout. It's hard to scan and show illustrations which straddle the gutter but let me show you what they printed!
Not my goat - but all the Chinese characters come from my prints!
Rat, Ox and Tiger
Rabbit, Dragon and Snake
Horse and Sheep
Sheep and Monkey
Rooster, Dog and Pig

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