Friday, January 24, 2014

A little press for IMPRESSI

I was really gratified to see Art.Science.Gallery share a link to The Austin Chronicle's review of some of the many shows that are part of PrintAustin.

"Next door at Art.Science.Gallery., among a wealth of science-oriented prints, Jenn Schmitt's Periodic Table Printmaking Project draws the most interest. In this collection of 118 prints, 97 artists have used a wide variety of mediums Рwoodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, and more Рto depict the periodic table of elements. These tight ranks of small works, filling one wall, are an exhibition in themselves; but don't miss Ele Willoughby's thermochromatic linocuts (in which sections of the ink, when heated, disappear; which makes the Schr̦dinger's Cat print, in particular, a hoot) and, looming overhead, the life-sized gyotaku print of a full-grown turkey vulture by Adam Cohen and Ben Labay of Inked Animal." - via The Austin Chronicle

Do yourself a favour, and check out the great work being shown, including the full Periodic Table. My little contribution to the Project, is Silicon, below. I think of it as an earth scientist, making up so much of our planet's crust, in quartz, or common in seafloor sediments, including radiolarian skeletons, as well as the crystal form of pure silicon... rather than simply as something which goes into computer chips.

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