Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Change Table

change table

RJH built a change table! Isn't it awesome? He's pretty handy, but he basically taught himself to make furniture. The drawers have dovetail joints and the piece holding the change pad has box joints. There are magazines about woodworking scattered thoughout the house. He found instructions inspired by a piece you could purchase for an outrageous sum from Restoration Hardware, and then made all sorts of changes where he thought they were cutting corners (why use screws if you can use dowels!). Then when he was finishing he found the original which had inspired the plans and realized that he actually built something far more sturdy and complex.

I had a good laugh when Portlandia did a skit about a local monthly newspaper's "Man Issue" about a well, basically a hipster douche who decides to become a (as it turns out, very bad) furniture maker and the women swoon and say things like how he could make a crib for their baby. RJH said defensively that he was only making a change table... and that I was laughing a little too hard. But of course, he did an amazing job, is very unhipsterish and did this on top of working very long hours at work.

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