Sunday, March 17, 2013

One of a Kind Display

dispaly2 I've been working on my display for the One of a Kind show today. RJH built me two wooden stands with two tilted steps and three risers each. We collaborated on the design. RJH went above and beyond, making all joints with dowels and avoiding wood screws, which he didn't think would look nice. He's going to sand and stain them later, but they're already lovely. I wanted to place increasingly large prints on each step so that the biggest ones could simply rise above the top. We also each, independantly picked up a pair of tiny easels at the dollar store, which was a cute coincidence (so, now I have four of them). I'm going to get some postcards printed with my artwork, booth number (L-04-29) and a discount code for future purchases from things from secret minouette places, online which I can disply on the easels. The steps are each deep enough that I can layer serveral prints, so buyers can come and see what else is available. I can layer sets of prints, like the zodiac set, Canada set, or terms of venery set.

I got a Square card reader. Now I just need to get a smartphone and I'll be able to accept credit cards as well as cash at the show.

I'm feeling nervous, but I think I'm actually pretty well prepared. I'm glad I know several other sellers who are also preparing. We've been sharing our strategies and have an informal support group going. ;)

10 days to go!


* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

This looks so great, Ele! :D
(Ummm, I am *so* not prepared..eeeee.. ;P)

minouette said...

Thanks Charlyn! I'm luck to have help with building things.

Good luck with your preparations! At least 3D items stand up on their own. I think they'll look great just on the table.

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

Aww, thanks Ele!
Just think, in 1 week we will be "moving in"!

Happy Tuesday! :)

minouette said...

Eek! Sort of terrifying... but it's a big opportunity too. *Fingers crossed*

See you soon!