Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minouette Interview on Fragmentalist

Lise Meitner There's a mosaic artist, Natalie, the Fragmentalist, on the Toronto Etsy Street Team who recently took over our Toronto Etsy Street Team interview series (checkout the incredibly expanding list on the sidebar for interviews local Etsy sellers). I can see what attracted her to the job - she's got a talent for it! She invited me to do an interview on her own blog, which she posted today. It was a really interesting process - her questions made me think about how art and science coexist and interact in my mind, and this strange role of geophysicist-printmaker which I've chosen for myself. Check out the interview here for yourself.


fragmentalist said...

Thank you, Ele! It was a real pleasure for me to interview such a multi-talented person, and one who has great tinkering wisdom and stories of adventure to share :)

minouette said...

Thank you! I'm used to questions about one or the other aspect of what I do. It was an unexpected pleasure to get a chance to talk about both art and science. :D