Monday, August 13, 2012

A nest of rabbits

a nest of rabbits

This linocut shows a nest of rabbits. The collective noun for a group of rabbits is a "nest". This amuses me, because I imagine bunnies in bird's nests, hatching from eggs. However, rabbits really do make nests (complete with piles of bunnies), so it's not so strange a term. The typography I designed for the words represents their meaning; "nest" mimics the shape of a bird's nest with egg-like 'e' and 's'; the word "rabbits" is made of rabbit-shaped letters and a nose-and-whisker 'T'.

These linoleum block printed rabbits are printed in brown ink with black words on Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper. Each print is 9.25" by 12.5" or 23.5 cm by 31.7 cm in dimension. There are 8 prints in the edition.

This is the seventh in a series of 'terms of venery' prints!

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