Friday, December 23, 2011

In Honour of Mr. Cat

TC -'This Too Shall Pass' linocut

I managed to bring my last present to Reynardin and Faunalia today. It's the first of an edition of six prints I made, dedicated to the memory of the late, great, lamented TC. I always associated TC with R's father; they had a similar gait and outlook on life, it seemed to me. This was one of his sayings, most useful to recall when things might look a little bleak. The wonderful, wise, old, gray cat, Tail Chaser (TC) always was there to comfort anyone who needed this message and to feel more resilience. I thought the memory of TC could continue to comfort R&F.

This linocut print, in gray and green, on Japanese kozo (or mulberry) paper, with chine collé (added coloured paper) green eyes is is 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches (24.1 cm by 31.8 cm). The typography is inspired by calligraphy.

detail of TC, 'This too shall pass'

I based the portrait on a photo from F's blog. I found my photos of TC weren't quite right. Apparently, F says the photo was taken by LW one previous Winter Solstice, so it seems an apt choice.

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