Sunday, September 25, 2011

fish are jumping

Today, after solving my mother's technological conundrums, we went to the Humber to see the salmon spawning. There was a photo of a Humber River salmon shot by one of the Globe and Mail photographers this week; I had not previously realized we could see this right here in the city. With some coaching from RJH, I managed to capture one of them with his camera:

M's salmon1
M's salmon1a

I've been to see the salmon run in Sooke, BC, which was quite the experience. While there they are larger and more plentiful, it was pretty amazing here too. Even here there were some pretty impressively sized fish, and the steeper slope meant they were jumping much higher. They really do seem to fly. It was nice to see how many people had come out to watch them. Next week, the trout are expected to do the same thing. Trout of course are smaller, but more acrobatic by reputation. If you're interested, you can see them from either side of the river, especially about midway between Bloor and Dundas St W.

These are RJH's photos:
salmon vert5

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