Sunday, October 24, 2010

multimedia, with narwhals, and bunting

wolf, narwhals, flags
narwhal detail

So, I was thinking more about semaphor, than bunting, really, and narwhals, of course. The narwhals are a linocut with chine collé (kozo and unryu papers, respectively). The arctic wolf is acrylic ink on water colour paper. The island is a geological map centering on the North Magnetic Pole (of course) with washi bits. The flags are Japanese papers on bookbinding thread. The paper behind the wolf I got in this specialty paper store in Amsterdam, which is safely far, far, from my home, or I might be bankrupt by now.

artic wolf detail
wolf, narwhals, flags

I also like that the arctic is full of places with names we use in Toronto, like Bathurst, and Peel and Wellington.

Not the greatest photos. It's sort of dark, and wet, and autumn here, so there's not enough light. I should just let RJH photograph stuff, but I wouldn't get images until he was satisfied and I'm too impatient. He reports, by the way, that the tiger-garage-robot is now missing. You gotta be quick if you're going catch those sudden robot-on-the-roof moments.

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