Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, I made some Valentines. This involved my "thinking of you" brain (lino) block, and my collection of papers (largely Japanese, with some Nepalese, and some unidentified) and envelopes. This forced me to look at the paper stash, which in turn, has caused a "I must use the washi" panic, cause frankly, there is no reason for any individual to be hoarding that much paper. I will not use my Paper Place gift certificate until I have reduced the size of the paper stash.

Thinking of You Valentine IV

Thinking of You Valentine V

Thinking of You Valentine VI

Thinking of You Valentine VII

I'm a little ambivalent about this holiday (in case you hadn't gathered from my Zombierrific choice of subject matter). I'm thinking about making some anti-valentines too. When I was a child, Mom was good at Valentine's. We always got heart-shaped boxes full of cinnamon hearts at breakfast. Mmmmmm.... cinnamon hearts. The point of cinnamon hearts is to eat them until your tongue goes radioactive red and you can't taste anything anymore. Cinnamon hearts are the best part of Valentine's.

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day and it will be the YEAR OF THE TIGER. I've decided to submit my Tiger print to the 9th International Print Exhibition and Exchange Celebrating The Chinese Year of the Tiger 2010. Roar!
Hu: The Tiger, limited edition linocut

Apart from that, I am trying to complete the book editing, simultaneous derive some equations regarding two different methods (oh, Hankel transforms!), considering New Zealand, thinking about earthquakes, instruments on the seafloor and an abstract.

Oh, and the relationship between Japanese Noh theatre and Minkowski spacetime diagrams.

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